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Guest Rooming Blocks

Are you planning an event or gathering at The James Madison Inn or Madison area and want everyone to stay at the same location?  We offer advance room block reservations for the convenience of your out-of-town guests.

A minimum of 5 rooms is required to create a grouped block of guest rooms with a specific rate. For any weekend night, a two-night minimum is required for all room blocks. Weekend nights, as defined by The James Madison Inn, are Friday and Saturday evenings. For example, if a Saturday night is desired for the block in any capacity, The James Madison Inn requires all bookings within the block to include 2 nights.

Our guest rooms block rates are discounted separately from any potential event space rentals at The James Madison Conference Center. A guaranteed reservation, as defined by The James Madison Inn, is one which has been taken from the original block of rooms and issued to a group member held with a credit card of the paying party. A released reservation, as defined by The James Madison Inn, is one which has been authorized for release from the original block by the agreement signee as it was no longer needed. Once released, group reservations are not eligible for the original discounted group room rate.

Time of Booking Requirements

Room Block reservations must be made directly with the Inn by phone and give the rooming block name. No one other than the signee in the block agreement may increase or decrease the number of available rooms within the block or any negotiated block rates.

All rooms remaining unassigned in a block need to either be guaranteed or released 60 days prior to the block arrival date. It is the responsibility of the room block agreement signing party to guarantee or release any remaining reservations in writing from the block before by this drop date. Any unassigned rooms remaining in the block 59 days or fewer to the arrival date, will be considered guaranteed and under the financial responsibility of this same party.

Cancellation Policy

All reservations made within the block are considered with a special event and are subject to a 30-day cancellation policy. Any reservation booked from a room block must cancel 31 days before the arrival date to avoid penalty. If a reservation within a block is cancelled 30 days or less from the scheduled date of arrival, the designee is responsible for all charges associated with the booking as it stands, and not the block contact person.

House-Majority Blocks

With a commitment to 16-19 rooms, a 5% non-refundable deposit of the total room revenue is required. If you and your guests use every room in your room block for the two-night stay, we will allow the deposit to be applied towards the room charges of your choice.

Sample Room Block Agreement

Should you have interest in blocking rooms, please contact the following:

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